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Arctic Pure

Frozen Red Sea Cucumber

Nature's Slow-Crafted Treasure – Frozen Red Sea Cucumber from Canada

Our Frozen Red Sea Cucumber hails from the remote and pristine waters of the North Pacific, an area untouched by human activity and free from pollution. Thriving in these icy depths, where water temperatures plummet and purity reigns, our Red Sea Cucumber undergoes a slow, natural growth process spanning 5-10 years. This lengthy maturation allows it to accumulate a wealth of nutrients, making each one a dense packet of health and vitality. Feeding solely on plankton and various algae, these wild sea cucumbers benefit from a diet that is as pure as their environment. Unlike farmed varieties, our Canadian Red Sea Cucumbers absorb a richer, more comprehensive range of nutrients, offering a superior, environmentally-friendly choice that captures the essence of the Arctic's clean and cold waters.

Our Features
  • Pristine
  • Nutrient-Rich
  • Wild-Caught